We cater to the domestic customers with 15 Kg and 12.5 Kg cylinders For Industrial customers we have 25 Kg cylinders

LPG Bulk

We supply LPG in Bulk to bakeries, restaurants and we provide LPG bulk tanks in various sizes according to customer requirements.

LPG Bulk - Industries

We supply LPG to Industrial customers directly to their factories / sites.

Safety Tips

  1. Always keep the cylinders in a well ventilated area in a vertical position with the valve on top. If cylinder is placed in any other position, liquid LPG may gush out of the open valve creating a dangerous situation.
  2. After connecting the cylinder, before igniting, ensure that there is no smell of leaking gas. In case there is smell of leaking gas, then switch off all electrical appliances and the doors and windows should be opened to allow the gas to escape. The gas cylinder, rubber tube, and the stove should be check the cause of the leakage. 
  3. Never use a leaking gas cylinder.
  4. Never use any open flames like a kerosene stove or electric heater near the gas cylinder.
  5. The rubber tubing should be as short as possible, max recommended length is 1.5 metres.
  6. The rubber tube connecting the gas cylinder to stove should be checked regularly for any wear and tear and replaced if required. 
  7. The gas cylinder should be handled with care to avoid any damage to the cylinder valve.
  8. When lighting the gas stove, first open the valve of the cylinder and then turn on the knob of gas stove.
  9. When shitting off the gas stove, we should first close the valve of the cylinder and thereafter the knob of the gas stove should be turned off.
  10. When the gas is not being used, the valve of the gas cylinder and the knobs of the gas stove must be kept closed.
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