GAPCO (Sudan) Limited

One of the leading Petroleum Marketing Companies in Sudan. The company’s principal activity is marketing of Petroleum products through its 65 Retail Stations, 11 Depots, 7 LPG Bottling plants which are strategically located and provide adequate representation of GAPCO in respective trading areas. The sole distributor for VEEDOL lubricants in Sudan.

Our Story

GAPCO (Sudan) Ltd. was incorporated in Sudan after it  acquired Agip Sudan Ltd in Jun 1999. Agip was one of the three main international companies  which started petroleum marketing in Sudan way back in 1950s. Along with these companies,  Agip was  responsible for creating the basic petroleum infrastructure for importing, storing and distributing petroleum products in Sudan.

GAPCO (Sudan) Ltd.  is a privately owned company whose core business is storage, distribution and marketing of petroleum products in Sudan.

From retail services at fuels service stations to sales of industrial-use fuel GAPCO (Sudan) business comprises a wide range of operations.

The Company engages in nationwide retail operations through directly managed outlets and dealer-managed outlets. The Company is proactively engaged also in sales of LPG cylinders in service stations & dealer-managed distribution shops and bulk LPG to bakeries, commercial and industrial consumers. The company is also engaged in direct and indirect sales to consumers of industrial-use fuels. The Company markets and sells high quality Automotive and Industrial lubricants in the market.

The distribution of the petroleum products is supported by three company-owned & operated storage depots well located nearby the supply sources and a fleet of tank-trucks for fuels & road truck for lubricants.

The brand PETROLA was launched in 2013, to coincide with upgrading our facilities to international standards.

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision : We aim to be a leading organization that constantly stays a step ahead in dealing with change and creates added value to all stakeholders.

Mission : We strive to achieve the reputation of quality, high standards, reliable supply & service Provider Company in the oil distribution industry through sound business activities

 Values are :

Positivism & Cooperation

Readiness to participate in multifunctional groups and projects, eagerness to meet demands of colleagues from other units of the company, willingness to exchange information, ability to work in a team.

Initiative & Ownership

Finding and suggesting new solutions both in own working environment, and in the sphere of company interests

Collective Results

Collective effort in achieving a visible and meaningful result, a desire to succeed and provide each other with needed assistance

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