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The Company engages in nationwide retail operations through directly managed outlets and dealer-managed outlets. The Company is proactively engaged also in sales of LPG cylinders in service stations & dealer-managed distribution shops and bulk LPG to bakeries, commercial and industrial consumers. The company is also engaged in direct and indirect sales to consumers of industrial-use fuels. The Company markets and sells high quality Automotive and Industrial lubricants in the market.

The Company’s Retail Business has grown to become one of Sudan’s largest petroleum retail networks with over 65 stations 11 depots and 7 LPG bottling plants throughout the country. It continues to grow through the strategic expansion of its retail stations incorporating fueling, lubricant sales, ATM, LPG cylinders sales in selected service stations and car services in selected service stations.

Commercial Business offers not only quality products that meet and exceed various industrial standards, we market a wide range of petroleum products to meet industrial and commercial requirements. Our current product range includes diesel, motor gasoline, kerosene, Liquefied Petroleum Gas “LPG” and lubricants

Bottled gas is available in a wide range of cylinders to cater to various segments as per their needs and requirements. We offer cylinder sizes (12.5, 15, 25, 50 kg), giving us the edge in catering for all kind of LPG installations.

The most cost effective solution for larger users with a higher consumption rate is a bulk tank installation. Tanks of various sizes are available at GAPCO to serve the commercial & industrial requirements. 

The Company is involved in the distribution of a wide range of automotive and heavy duty engine oils, industrial lubricants and transmission gear oils.


The distribution network includes the company stations, high street shops and car service centers.


The company has three (3) main storage depots. El Gaily and El Shegara are connected to Khartoum refinery by product pipe lines and its Port Sudan depot is connected to Port Sudan oil import Jetty and the Sudanese Petroleum Corporation’s strategic tank farms by product pipe lines. All three depots are operated directly by the company.

The company has other 8 operating depots in different states supporting the agricultural and commercial sectors.

The company currently owns and operates a fleet of Ten tank trucks for hauling fuels and LPG, serving both the Company retail outlets and the commercial/industrial customers, in addition to One LPG dispensing vehicle (Bobtail).

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